Eco oor geloof

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Umberto Eco is, onder andere, die skrywer van The Name of the Rose. Die volgende aanhaling rig hy aan gelowiges (vandaar sy oproep om vir ‘n oomblik te dink dat God nie bestaan nie). Heel gepas so saam met die paastyd:

Accept for a moment the hypothesis that there is no God: that man’s appearance on earth is the result of an unfortunate mistake, that not only is he consigned to his mortal condition, he is also condemned to be aware of this, and is thus the most imperfect of creatures… — he achieves, in the fullness of time, the religious, moral, and poetic power to conceive of the model of Christ, of universal love, of the forgiveness of enemies, of a life offered in human sacrifice for the salvation of others. If I were a traveller from a far-off galaxy and I found myself facing a species that had been able to offer such a model, I would fall down in admiration of such God-creating energy; yet discovering it to be responsible for so many atrocities, I would deem it pathetic and despicable and would see its redemption only in the fact that it had succeeded in wanting and believing its story to be the Truth… but let us admit that if Christ was only the subject of a great story, the fact that this story was imagined and desired by immature fledglings who knew only that they knew nothing, would make it every bit as miraculous (miraculously mysterious) as the fact that the son of a true God was truly incarnate.


Written by George Maru

11 April 2007 at 9:20

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