Water: 7 jaar later

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water.jpgDie fliek Water, van Deepa Mehta, het vandag in Indië begin draai, 7 jaar nadat Hindoes verfilming ontwrig het. Hulle het beweer die fliek stel Hindoeïsme in ‘n slegte lig. Die fliek is toe 4 jaar later in Sri Lanka verfilm.

Water handel oor weduwees se ellendige lot in Hindoe-kultuur. Hulle word weggestuur van hulle families, geïsoleer van die samelewing, omdat hulle slegte geluk beteken vir baie Hindoes.

Uit die fliek:

Widow: “What if our conscience conflicts with our faith?”
Widow: “Have faith.”
Narayan: “Why is your faith so strong?”
Widow: “I don’t know. Why are we widows sent here? There must be a reason for it?”
Narayan: “One less mouth to feed. Four saris saved, one bed and a corner is saved in the family home. There is no other reason why you are here. Disguised as religion, it is just about money.”
“To even think of remarriage is a sin.”
“Ask God.”
Widow: “You have studied the Holy Scriptures. Is it written that widows should be treated badly?”
Priest: “The Scriptures say that widows have three options. They can burn with their dead husbands, or lead a life of self-denial, or if the family permits, marry their husband’s younger brother. However, a law was recently passed which favours widow remarriage.”
Window: “A law? Why don’t we know about it?”
Priest: “We ignore the laws that don’t benefit us.”


Written by George Maru

9 Maart 2007 at 13:31

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