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rm.jpgEk het onlangs John Horgan se boek Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality gelees (en ook ‘n paar keer daaruit aangehaal op die blog). Ek kan dit vir enige persoon aanbeveel wat belangstel in die tema. Die laaste hoofstuk, The Awe-ful truth, is pragtig geskryf – ek kan my bykans met alles daarin vereenselwig.

Hier is die uitgewer se opsomming:

How do trances, visions, prayer, satori, and other mystical manifestations “work”? What are their neurological mechanisms and psychological implications? John Horgan investigates a wide range of fields — chemistry, physics, psychology, radiology, theology, and more — to narrow the gap between reason and enlightenment. As both a seeker and an award-winning journalist, Horgan is uniquely positioned to profile researchers and their work. To find the ends of enlightenment, he communes with a number of experts, including the theologian Huston Smith, spiritual heir to Joseph Campbell; Andrew Newberg, the scientist whose quest for the brain’s “God module” was the focus of a Newsweek cover story; Ken Wilber, the doyen of transpersonal psychology; Alexander Shulgin, the legendary chemist who has synthesized scores of psychedelic drugs and tested them on himself; and Susan Blackmore, a Zen practitioner, psychologist, and parapsychology debunker who teaches at Oxford.

Horgan also explores the strikingly similar effects of “mystical technologies” like sensory deprivation, prayer, fasting, trance, dancing, meditation, and drug trips. He tells of participating in experiments that seek the neurological underpinnings of mystical experiences. And, finally, he recounts his own tortuous search for enlightenment — adventurous, poignant, and sometimes surprisingly comic.

Horgan’s conclusions resonate with the controversial climax of The End of Science because, as he argues, the most enlightened mystics and the most enlightened scientists end up in the same place — confronting the imponderable depth of the universe.

Vir meer inligting en resensies, besoek Horgan se webwerf.


Written by George Maru

6 Maart 2007 at 6:32

Posted in spiritualiteit

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