‘n Mistieke ervaring

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John Horgan beskryf ‘n mistieke ervaring wat hy gehad het:

After what seemed eons of superluminal ecstacy, I decided that I wanted not pleasure but knowledge. I wanted to know why. I traveled backward through time, observing the births and lives and deaths of all the creatures who had ever lived, human and nonhuman. I ventured into the future, too, watching as the earth and then the entire cosmos was transformed into a vast grid of glowing circuitry, a computer dedicated to solving the riddle of its own existence. As my penetration of the past and future became indistinguishable, I became convinced that I was coming face to face with the ultimate origin and destiny of life, which were one and the same. I felt overwhelming, blissful certainty that there is one entity, one consciousness, playing all the parts of this pageant, and there is no end to this creative consciousness, only infinite transformations.

At the same time, my astonishment that anything exists at all became unbearably acute. Why? I kept asking. Why creation? Why something rather than nothing? Finally I found myself alone, a disembodied voice in the darkness, asking, Why? And I realized that there would be, could be, no answer, because only I existed; there was nothing, no one, to answer me. I felt overwhelmed by loneliness, and my ecstatic recognition of the improbability – no, impossibility – of my existence mutated into horror. I knew there was no reason for me to be. At any moment I might be swallowed up forever by this infinite darkness enveloping me. I might even bring about my own annihilation simply by imaging it. I created this world, and I could end it, forever. Recoiling from this confrontation with my own awful solitude and omnipotence, I felt myself dissolving, fracturing, fleeing back toward otherness, duality, multiplicity.



Written by George Maru

23 Februarie 2007 at 8:28

Posted in spiritualiteit

3 Responses

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  1. Wat het die ervaring aangebring?


    24 Februarie 2007 at 21:20

  2. Waarskynlik 3-quinuclidin-3-yl benzylate (BZ).

    George Maru

    25 Februarie 2007 at 17:06

  3. Drome, is goeie vriende as jy eensaam is, en baie drome, het al ‘n realiteit geword.

    Hans Matthysen

    23 Mei 2007 at 20:58

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